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Statuette of a man

3600-3400 years B.C. Pottery: plastics, decrepitation.Height 15,6 cm, width 5,3x6,3 cm. Inv.No PCP 11.

Statuette of a man, massive, with two widely disposed, differently sculpted bottom limbs, which are finished with big feet. Other parts of the trunk are imaged in diagram form: the body is massive cylindrical, waist, abdomen and hams are not defined exactly, arms are depicted by way of half-round outgrowth, diluted and outstretched ahead. Feature of sex is treated by double clay sculpt. The neck is wide and strong, head is orbed with flat pate. On the inverse sides of head ears are depicted by the fosses. The face is realistic, with a big nose and opened blobber-lipped mouse. The eyes are defined with pricks.