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XI-XII cent.  A.D. Elektor: stamping, dragging, granulation. Height  5,9 cm, width  4,8 cm. Inv.No PCP 2936

Miniature sarcophagus-shaped reliquary with a two-slope cover made of two-layer clear glass. Covers of the item are decorated with spheres made of non-transparent dark-blue glass: four at the bottom serve a function of legs, other four are located at the acroterium corners, and four more spheres are located at the top corners. Golden foil 0,3 cm wide is laid along the perimeter of the lower part of the cover and the box body. From the outside at the reliquary bottom eight-petal rosette made of concentrated circles is set, which is bordered with two recessed lines at the shortest box sides. At one of the sides’ bottom several longitudinal stripes are laid on.