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Necklace with pendants

XII-XII  cent. A.D. Silver, elector: casting, stamping. Length 56cmx45 cm, weight 159,83 g.Inv.No PCP  2956.

Row of beads, which consists of nine of the same types poured of pendants and nine of the same types beads, stamped of silvers plates. Every pendant is made as a quadrangular cross three ends of which are completed with a lily, the fourth end – with two twisted leaves between which there is an ear for hanging. The reverse of pendant is flat. Beads are bitapered identical to the glass prototypes. Every bead is divided into two equal parts by a imprinted circle of rings, and the lengthened petals branch out it. The ninth central bead is similar by the form and ornamenting to the others, however, the petals on it have the through decorative openings.