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Model of the fane

4100 – 3900 years B.C. Pottery: plastics, engobe, painting with mineral dyes. Height 31 cm, width 32,7 cm. Inv.No PCP 29. 

Model is ceramic. It depicts monumental lavishly decorated building, fane of a surety, staying on the platform, which is situated on four massive pier-columns. The model is agglutinated from fragments, lost parts are filled with gyps and toned, lost elements of painting were partly repaired. The surface was covered with light-brown engobe, painting was inserted with dark-brown color. Exterior sides of platform contain notable traces of sculpting an item – bracing of the walls through the perimeter. Numerous dactyl grams of master had persisted on the surface. Feet are constricted to the center. The platform with a thickness in 1 cm is arrayed through perimeter with bevel painted lines. The building has rounded roof, which is decorated on the top of attic with cusps. Arches of the fronts are decorated with paintings of ribbon, created with wide and narrow lines. Three not very big clay sculpts are located on the every arch – one in the centre and two of them are situated on the sides little bellow.