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4200 – 4000 years B.C. Pottery: plastics, decorating, decrepitating. Height 21,3x24,2 cm, diameter 51 cm.


Biconic dish of closed type with figural handle on the corollas incurved inwards. Its bottom part has cut-conic form and top part has hemispherical one. Two rounded brows are located on corollas. The figural anthrop zoomorphic ribbon handle, which is lifted to orifice with a longed arris in the middle is on the one of them. On the lifted end of the handle two clay sculpts are made (only one exists). An item is made of white clay. Before the decrepitating it was covered with engobe of orange color, which now doesn’t exist. The pattern by way of oval with a dot, forced into the center is located on the inverse side of the handle. General décor composition, inserted on the top of the piece of plate has two cross ribbons. Each of them is made by four incut parallel lines.