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Amphora piece of plate

End of IV cent. B.C. Pottery: plastics, ornamenting. Height 10,6 cm,  diameter 13,1 cm. Inv.No PCP 109.

Amphora piece of plate has a pale body, high spout and two symmetrically allocated horizontal ears. The body is figural, divided with the fillets, which begin from the bottom into four pale parts. The ears are situated in two hollows. The neck is figural too. It has four exactly-defined rounded orifices. From the top they are divided with cross-like jumper by way double eight. The borders, corolla through the perimeter are arrayed with cross dents. On the neck – belt made of the excerpts of a narrow parenthetic stamp, allocated closely in three horizontal rows which are creating zigzag like pattern. Four zigzags like strips, made in hollows with the same stamp are laying from the belt to the middle part of body.